Master Plan Concerns

Concerns about the PDK Airport Master Plan Process

July 2006 Major Master Plan Recommendations from PDK Watch, Inc.
Summary of Major Recommendations
Major Recommendations and Documentation

PDK Master Plan policies adopted by the DeKalb Board of Commissioners on October 11, 2005

Citizen Policy Proposals for the PDK Master Plan Process
Submitted for consideration at the DeKalb County public meeting on PDK Master Plan Policy on September 19, 2005.

Public Meeting on PDK Master Plan Policies, September 19, 2005

Introduction to citizen proposals for PDK Master Plan

Introduction to the Airport Advisory Board proposals for PDK Master Plan, 09/18/2005

Introduction to consultant proposals to PDK Master Plan, 09/18/2005

  • None of the specific policy proposals in this Airport Vision and Policy Document were ever specifically discussed by the PDK Airport Advisory Board
  • Public Participation in PDK Master Plan Sidetracked by PDK Airport Advisory Board

Concerns Regarding Public Involvement with the PDK Master Plan Process (6/15/05)
Larry Foster explains the community’s concerns about the PDK Airport Master Plan process.
Concerns about the PDK Master Plan

Importance of the Master Plan and Role for Citizens and Community Groups
This article explains in concise terms what the Master Plan process is about, its history at our local airport, and why citizens should become involved in the process.
Importance of the Master Plan and Role for Citizens

Citizen participation in the PDK Master Plan:
Status of BOC requirements for the master plan relative to citizen participation
To understand community concerns, you must go back to the unanimous requirements placed on the Master Plan process by the BOC when it approved project The requirements are shown directly and these are discussed point by point from the point of view of some citizens who will be affected by the results of the Master Plan.
Citizen Participation for the PDK Master Plan

Letter to DeKalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon:
This letter answers Commissioner Gannon’s request that PDK Watch identify items omitted from the seven-item policy statement submitted bt the PDK Airport Advisory Board to the Commissioners in June 2005.
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Federal Aviation Administration’s Advisor Circular
This Advisory Circular (AC) provides guidance for the preparation of master plans for airports that range in size and function from small general aviation to large commercial service facilities. The intent of this AC is to foster a flexible approach to master planning that directs attention and resources to critical issues.

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