Correspondence with Airport and Other Officials

Dear Mr Remmel:

Please refer to the email below re: an incident which occurred at PDK airport on Nov 15, 2006. The community. and in particular, Nancy Creek school or the PTA President has not received any information from you or your staff regarding this noise disturbance .

I attended the December Airport Advisory Board Meeting. Even though there was not a quorum, Mr. Van Wie was willing to answer my questions regarding this incident. It is my understanding, based on Mr. Van Wie’s explaination that Epps,Signature and Mercury Air all have jet engine repair facilities.They have been doing engine repair for the last four years. There has never been an incident like this one in the past. Apparently, the aircraft was pointed in the wrong direction, thus severely impacting the neighborhoods and school. Mr Van Wie stated ” We have taken corrective measures to ensure this type of noise event would not happen again.” Given the level of disturbance, I hope this is true. The corrective measures stated were :

1. The designated line for the aircraft to “runup the engines” would be repainted; thus,indicating the correct position of the aircraft while these engine checks are completed. Compliance with these directions should prevent any further noise incident of this magnitude.

2. A letter was sent to the three fixed based operators reminding them of the noise impact . Strict adherence to procedures is required.

3. Jet engine hours of repair is now restricted from 7 am to 10 pm .

In all fairness, I recognize mistakes are made. The fact that none of these corrective measures were communicted to the community, I find disturbing.

If PDK airport wants to be a good neighbor,the most basic level of communication with the community needs to occur. A letter of explaination to the school, PTA President and the involved neighborhoods will be a good first step .

If you want me to disperse your letter of explaination and correction of the problem as stated by Mr. Van Wie; I will be glad to forward your message to the PDK Watch email members.

Please advise how you wish to deal with this issue.


Norma Herd

Executive Director

PDK Watch Inc.