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About PDK Watch

The purpose of PDK Watch is to protect and assure the future of our established residential neighborhoods and quality of life in the areas affected by Peachtree DeKalb Airport (PDK). PDK Watch is a community watchdog organization that monitors improper and unlawful activity at PDK.

In 1991 citizens who had long been monitoring airport issues through various groups since 1980 (some with DECOR and others with CARE-NOW) organized PDK Watch. PDK Watch emulates the earlier groups by acting as a coalition of neighborhoods that are impacted by the airport. The organization’s purpose is to protect and assure the future or our established residential neighborhoods and quality of life in the area affected by PDK Airport.

How to get involved

What has PDK Watch done so far?
Many of these are ongoing.

  • Through Open DeKalb, Inc., a lawsuit has been filed
  • It has pushed for a full, fair and honest Cost/Benefit Study
  • Monitored closely the FAR Part 150 Noise Complaint Study
  • Supported the buyout of houses in areas deemed unsuitable for residential use
  • Brought attention to nonpayment of ad valorem taxes on airplanes based at PDK
  • Gathered data for Part 161 study
  • Opposed operational and geographical extension of the airport
  • Attempted a negotiation of nightflight restrictions
  • Participated in the Comprehensive Plan process
  • Uncovered two attempts to change land use designation on property adjacent to or on the airport
  • Called for an ordinance to prohibit regularly scheduled passenger and cargo service
  • Opposed development of airport property considered as greenspace
  • Supported the Good Neighborhood Policy adopted by the Airport Advisory Board
  • Continued requesting nightflight restrictions
  • Asked for a written noise reduction policy using NOMS
  • Opposed a “through the fence” development
  • Campaigned for buyout property to be designated a greenspace
  • Alerted officials to an illegal operation on airport property
  • Hosting community meetings to inform the community
  • Fought to maintain the weight limit of aircraft using the airport
  • Prevented the use of unleased airport property
  • Exposed a secretive passenger service planned for the airport
  • Reviewed airport leases
  • Spoke to civic groups
  • Written innumerable letters
  • Attended numerous meetings and hearings
  • Reported all of this through newsletters

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